· Origins ·

8 generations
preserving traditions

Masia de la Rovira Roja where the eighth generation of the Ametllers was born

We are the eighth generation of the Ametllers and we are proud to continue the long winemaking tradition of our ancestors. We introduce ourselves to you as the Family Ametller because we believe so much in what we do that we seal it with our last name. From this life project, we express our eternal love for the land and its produce, and we promote the figure of the farmer, so present in our DNA. In addition, we celebrate the lineage, which is undoubtedly the most invaluable legacy anyone can have.

Sharing the
values of effort

Josep Ametller, on the left; Joan Ametller in the center and Jordi Ametller on the right on a harvest day in the mid-90s

The Ametllers share the values of effort, dedication and determination in their DNA; and the common denominator that unites us is the making of wine throughout seven generations. Their origins go back to the municipality of Salomó (in the region of Tarragona, Catalonia) and soon we would continue writing history from Sant Martí Sarroca, in the Penedès, where our family acquired the first vineyards, to which we have added some more plots.

1967. M. Àngels Civill and Joan Ametller, with three of their children: Joan, Glòria and M. Àngels (in the mother’s arms).

From generation to generation

Since 1830, the properties have been passed on from parents to offspring until they have reached us. Joan, Glòria, M. Àngels, Jordi and Josep make up the five siblings of the current generation, and we know we are responsible for giving continuity to our predecessors in taking care of the landscape, the supervision of the vineyard in all its life cycles and in the making and the bottling of our own wines.

1982. The Ametller Civill brothers. From left to right, and from top to bottom: Glòria Ametller, Jordi Ametller, M. Àngels Ametller, Joan Ametller, Josep Ametller

· History ·

At the turn of the 21st century, the first-born of the eighth generation of the Ametllers, Joan Ametller, relaunches the family’s tradition of making and bottling our own wines.

Deed of 1847 stating the change of ownership for the benefit of Joan Ametller i Fortuny of some old vineyards in the Penedès

The vineyards of the eighth generation were inherited by Jordi, the brother who continues to take care of the family estate when our father passed away. He, along with Josep, the youngest, have both made our last name more well-known thanks to the Ametller Origen project, where they apply the values learned at home of respecting the farmer as much as possible and the origins of the product to get it directly to the consumer.

·· 4 Generations of Joans Ametller ··


Year 2020. Joan Ametller, in the vineyards of Mata d’Abelló

Now, Joan Ametller, the heir that chose a different line of work rather than continuing on with the viticulture tradition, has now decided to recover that aspect of winemaking born in the vineyards, which for some years remained dormant. The starting point was in the Priorat, in the winery built in the Morera de Montsant and, later, giving life to the wines of our native Penedès.

“At home, as in many other country homes, we have always made wine. I remember the arrival of the tractor, full to the brim with grapes as a result of long days in the field; I also remember the smell of must when the pressing started and the heaps of grape skin that piled up at the entrance of the courtyard…”

Joan Ametller

Masia Cal Sagué de Torrelles de Foix, birthplace of the Civill family where M. Àngels Civill, mother of the current generation of the Ametllers was born.