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23 November, 2020
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The new wine project presents a renewed image and contents on the origins of the family, as well as information on the Priorat and Penedès projects, not to mention the wine varieties that are made in both territories.

23/10/2020 – The new Ametller Family website incorporates information on the origins and wine history of the eight generations of the Ametllers and their link with their work on the land and winemaking.

Furthermore, it outlines information on the Priorat and Penedès projects, with special emphasis on the landscapes, soils and viticulture, adding value to the winery that Joan Ametller built in La Morera de Montsant, embraced by the majestic Sierra del Montsant; and special attention to the wine varieties that were born in both territories. is responsive and allows easy and intuitive navigation on both computer screens and mobile devices.


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